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The Gldnette: My Dating Diary

So we met at Mcdonald's. Or I'll say the equivalent of a fast food chain. If I tell you the name- he'll know LOL! The place was busy, loud, and a little too ratchet for a date in my opinion. We waited patiently on the line, which was long as hell. But I didn't mind. I thought it would give me a chance to try and get to know who'll I'll be eating dinner with... but that wasn't the case. He proceeded to text someone else instead. I tried not to think much of it... you know? Like, It could be his mom, it could be work- but my nosy self began to peak over to the screen more and more, where I discovered a full blown alternate conversation happening. So unfortunately, I could tell this date was already going to be a bust. Yeah he was cute as hell. Beautiful smile, teeth were white and perfect- he was yummy... and that night, I could tell he knew it. Through all the talking about himself and his accomplishes in life, it was like he needed to make sure I knew what level he was on... but he begged me for the date.... LMFAO anyways, I'm sure you guys get picture. And but the time I got home and spoke to my mom about my night, it became clearer to me. I knew what I wanted my next segment to be about.

I went on a date with an "All about ME Man." You know, someone who can talk long hours about themselves, loves selfies more than me, thinks they're hotter than hot. And that was my first time experiencing it. I'd been in a relationship with my best friend basically since I started college. And now that we've both decided it's time to split ways, I realized that I'd only known one kind of man. For almost two years, I had a southern boy. He had kind light brown eyes, and a reputation around school that proceeded him. But to my surprise, he was completely different and that's what I fell in love with. I loved how I got "the real him" and no one else did. He was shy and reserved, but opened up only for me. We just had a lot in common and being friends first is why I think our relationship was so successful. I don't mean to ramble about him but when you're in a good relationship, of course not perfect- for so long...sometimes you forget other men exist. And now that I'm single, I want to know who they are. So... I guess this is my long drawn out way of saying-- guys, I made a Tinder.

Call me the Gldnette. You know, like that that show "The Bachelor"? Where the guy interacts with a bunch of different women to see what he likes and dislikes? Well Gldngirl is jumping in on that. The only difference is that I'm not looking for anything serious, or even anything more than friends from any of these people.... for now ;) But I'm interested in learning the different qualities and characteristics of our men. I want to know what I like and don't like. And most of all, I want to challenge some of the stigma's of online dating vs. old skool meetin' in person.

Here are the rules of the game:

1. Going to dinner with someone doesn't not mean sex or touching. For anyone who knows me, they know I don't roll that way. I strictly what to hold stimulating conversations with people and see if they theory is true... we will get to that in a second. But it's crazy how we've changed the definition of "dating" to being sexually fluid lol and "getting around." Can I just have lunch or dinner with a prospective without those assumptions? Please and thank you!

2. I won't share real names. I don't need no drama! I just wanna share my story and I respect these men and their privacy. They might not be the one for me, but they're someone's one and it's never cool to try and purposely embarrass someone. That's not with this is about at all.

3. I won't go on dates alone. We woman need to be careful. So I have secret spies holding me down. Just in case you care about me and wondered about my safety <3

4. Lastly, engage in this segment with me! My theory is that this generation has learned how to be two different people. One digital personality and then a complete "stranger" in real life. I want to bring back old school dating. Real conversation, less distractions like that phone, etc. I want to be able to acknowledge as many personalities and traits as possible and experience how my personality meshes with other people. And then, I wanna talk about it! Maybe you had the same experience as me, maybe you want a good laugh. Let's keep this light and fun <3

Have you ever encountered an "All about ME ,Man"? Spill the tea down below!!

Tonight at 9 I'll be uploading some of my prospects on IG. Click on my logo down below to participate!

Until next time my Goldennuggets <3