Emotional Chemistry

February 17th, 2017

Check out some photos & videos from the show!

My First Show!

Emotional Chemistry was the debut musical presentation of the artist Gldngirl [aka Alanna Underwood]. Inspired by the greats of Gospel, Neo-Soul, Jazz, and R&B, Gldngirl’s inventive musical style transcends traditional ideas of voice & sound, and Emotional Chemistry took  listeners on a musical journey through the emotional highs, lows—and everything in between—of a modern relationship

Emotional Chemistry was a concept Gldngirl, wanted to tackle during Valentines Day week, to challenge her generations' concept of love and question why society peer pressure's us toward broken hearts and regret. The whole purpose of the show was to experiment with different kinds of relationships through songs. Gldngirl says, "We must realize that love is like an experiement. Sometimes you'll mix two elements, and it blows up in your face.

We must learn to not force things together. The perfect formula (love) takes time."


Not only was the room packed at full capacity, Gldngirl had 2 thousand views on her social media live streams tuning in from all over!  


Did you miss it? Watch the Ustream Video!

Be on the lookout for her next show!

Big thanks to Deondre Jones Photography