Who are we?

24k is an organization created by Gldngirl a.k.a Alanna Underwood that promotes the importance of service. As an artist, Alanna wanted to create a platform that would connect the people of the arts together and use their gifts to give back. Whether it be singing in the homes for the elderly to putting together clothing drives for our young leaders, 24k a.k.a 24 karats being the highest form of gold, is her way of making it a point to always give back to our foundations one thousand percent and more.

Currently, Gldngirl has been pushing full speed here in Boston and had her most successful event yet in February called "Soul Food Social." Soul Food Social was an event put together last year as Gldngirl's effort to bring her peers together to celebrate Black History Month and our black musical trailblazers. This year, her idea was the same, but in addition to the annual Soul Food fellowship, Gldngirl put together a showcase with her fellow music students and Boston performers to grace the stage and share their talents.

Not only did we have wonderful live performances, but Gldngirl lives by the importance of giving back, and Soul Food Social was an event full of great food, live music and an entrance fee of a full outfit to be donated to the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, Teen Closet Program. 

"Brooklyn made me, music saved me, but I'm the person I am today because of where I'm from. My blood family and my Brooklyn family always involved me in community service and being of service to others have always been a passion of mine. As one of God's children, it's my purpose to help those in need, period. Whether it be through my music or using my hand's... Gldngirl is about giving back and giving back 1000%- that's 24k" 



Gldngirl is in the process of putting many other programs together, if you are interested in being apart or you'd like her support feel free to submit your email below!